Power-Based Violence Task Force


The Task Force on Power-Based Violence at Institutions of Higher Education was created and passed into law during the 82nd (2023) Legislative Session through the signing of Assembly Bill 245 that became effective in July 1, 2023. It is charged with reviewing the results of any power-based violence climate survey administered at any NSHE institution, examining current procedures and protocols for preventing, intervening in or responding to instances of power-based violence that are used at Institutions within the System, identifying possible gaps in the services that are available for victims of power-based violence at Institutions within the System, examining the correlation between social groups, campus life and the incidence of power-based violence on the campus of each Institution within the System, and providing recommendations to the Board of Regents on how to address power-based violence at NSHE Institutions. 

The Task Force is comprised of fourteen members, appointed by the Board of Regents, who represent NSHE Institutions including various institutional units, students, victim advocates, and researchers.

Power-based violence means any form of interpersonal violence intended to control, intimidate or harm another person through the assertion of power over the person, including without limitation: dating violence, domestic violence, family violence, gender-based violence; violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation stalking, and/or voyeurism.

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings to be determined.

Past Meetings

January269:00 AM

Sexual Misconduct Task Force Meeting

System Administration Office, Las Vegas