Board of Regents Handbook

The Board of Regents Handbook provides the governing documents and policies for the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Handbook Chapters

NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual

When the Board of Regents Handbook was reorganized in 2005, several sections were transferred to a new document known as the Procedures and Guidelines Manual. While the Handbook will now only contain bylaws, Code and NSHE policies, the Procedures and Guidelines Manual will contain System and institutional procedures, tuition & fees, as well as the documents previously known as the Chancellor’s Memoranda. The Chancellor’s Memoranda will no longer exist as a standalone document.

Additions or suggested modifications to the Procedures Manual must come from the institutional presidents, the Chancellor, or members of his cabinet and must be submitted in an electronic format. These must be approved by the Chancellor or his designee. Once a change is approved, it will be submitted to the Board of Regents office for inclusion in the online manual.