Strategic Planning


The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) has initiated a process to develop a strategic plan to guide the transformation of our system over the next decade. The development of this plan will continue throughout much of calendar year 2022, culminating in the fall of 2022. Through this effort, NSHE will develop a plan that is integrated, comprehensive, and complementary to our ongoing efforts.

Presentation materials for each of the listening sessions can be found at the Committee Archive.

Previous Initiative

The Five Goals and Metrics

  1. Goal: Access

    Metric: Increase participation in post-secondary education

  2. Goal: Success

    Metric: Increase Student Success

  3. Goal: Close the Achievement Gap

    Metric: Close the achievement gap among underserved populations

  4. Goal: Workforce

    Metric: Collaboratively address the challenges of the workforce and industry education needs of Nevada

  5. Goal: Research

    Metric: Co-develop solutions to the critical solutions facing 21st century Nevada and raise the overall research profile