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Risk Management

Risk Assessment and Insurance Services

The NSHE Risk Management office provides risk assessment and insurance services to the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), its Board of Regents, and institutions of the System. The office consists of the NSHE Executive Director of Risk and Insurance Management and the NSHE Assistant Director of Risk and Insurance Management.

In addition to the NSHE Risk Management office, the System institutions are supported by the Business Center Risk Management offices providing insurance services to their institutions. The primary responsibility for risk management functions is maintained at the institutional level.  The NSHE Risk Management office ensures adherence by the institutions to the NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual for Risk Management and Safety programs.  This structure allows for collaboration and consistency across all System institutions.

Core Work of the NSHE Risk Management Office

  • Evaluating NSHE’s loss history, researching risk reduction strategies, recommending and implementing appropriate techniques such as loss mitigation, the purchase of insurance, or administering self-insurance programs to minimize the economic impact to NSHE

  • Advising the System or its institutions on insurance and claim litigation matters

  • Managing financial controls over insurance or self-insured claim settlements and disbursements

  • Reviewing indemnification language and insurance requirements in contracts for the System or its institutions

  • Managing budgets for insurance or self-insurance programs system-wide

  • Performing annual reviews and providing recommendations for funding of the institution’s risk management, workers’ compensation, and environmental health and safety budgets

  • Providing risk analysis and consultation regarding international travel and loss management issues for the System or its institutions

  • Coordinating all insurance and self-insurance programs; including negotiations on insurance policy renewals for the System or its institutions

  • Conducting the request for proposal (RFP) process to select insurance brokers, third-party claims administrators and managed care organizations for the system’s insurance and self-insurance programs

  • Recommending and facilitating policies and procedures to help manage risks and mitigate losses for the System or its institutions

  • Serving as a resource for problem-solving and decision-making to further the mission of the System or its institutions

Risk Management Contacts

Lisa Schaller

Chief Risk and Insurance Officer

(775) 784-3472

Spencer Lewis

Assistant Director of Risk Management

(775) 789-3737

Lauren Preston

Senior Workers' Compensation Coodinator

(775) 784-3410

Kristi Roberson

Associate Director of Insurance and Workers' Compensation

(775) 784-3406