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The Board of Regents today approved the nomination of Richard Bryan as a Distinguished Nevadan
Many of Nevada's public college students are moving one step closer to an associate degree based on action taken today by the Board of Regents
Chancellor Klaich announced today that Dr. Maurizio Trevisan has accepted the position of dean at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education in New York
The death of Jim Taranik marks the passing of one of Nevada's great education leaders..."
The Nevada Board of Regents today elected Jason Geddes as chairman and Kevin Page as vice chairman
The Board of Regents today unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Marc Johnson as interim president of UNR
The Board of Regents today approved the nomination of the late Dr. Milton D. Glick as a Distinguished Nevadan
Chancellor Klaich today announced his recommendation of Dr. Marc Johnson to serve as the interim president of UNR
"Earlier today, Chancellor Daniel Klaich testified before the Senate Committee of the Whole..."
"My words, which were horribly contorted, have undoubtedly caused pain to the governor and his family..."