Update on Chancellor’s Ad Hoc Committee on Public Safety Presented to NSHE Board of Regents


The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents received a report on the progress of the Chancellor’s ad hoc Committee on Public Safety during its recent meeting. The report outlined the committee’s activities and achievements since its inception.

The most notable achievement, under the leadership of Chancellor Patricia Charlton, Vice Chancellor Chris Viton, and Governmental Affairs Director Alejandro Rodriguez, the Committee successfully secured $2.6 million from the Legislative Interim Finance Committee to bolster security measures across southern Nevada institutions of higher education.

“We are incredibly grateful to the legislature for prioritizing campus safety within the NSHE system by dedicating $2.6 million in funding. Ensuring that every student, staff, and faculty member feels safe and secure on our campuses is of utmost importance. Additional funding and the diligent work of the committee are instrumental in accomplishing this goal. Thank you to everyone involved.”

Interim Chancellor Patricia Charlton

The Chancellor’s ad hoc Committee on Public Safety was created to assess and prioritize opportunities for enhancing system-wide campus safety and emergency preparedness in the wake of the December 6, 2023, shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In addition to the $2.6 million in funding that’s already been secured, the committee has made another $4.4 million in budget and grant requests.

Among the initiatives presented to the Board of Regents are requests for:

  • 911 enhancements
  • Full-scale exercises
  • Procedures for active assailant events
  • Additional cameras installation
  • Funding requests to restore the learning environment at UNLV

The Committee will present 15 preliminary recommendations, setting the stage for ongoing enhancements in campus safety. Key recommendations include:

  • Standardizing locking mechanisms for all NSHE buildings
  • Implementing a system-wide emergency notification system
  • Mandating active assailant and all-hazards training for all stakeholders
  • Standardizing Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) and Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) across NSHE campuses

“The work of the Chancellor’s ad hoc Committee for Public Safety is vitally important at this moment. We were all rocked by the tragic events that took place on December 6 and I am extremely appreciative for the committee’s comprehensive approach to addressing safety concerns and implementing proactive measures at our institutions.”

Board of Regents Chair Amy J. Carvalho