Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity from the NSHE Board of Regents Chair and Vice Chair


The following is a statement from the NSHE Board of Regents Chair Amy J. Carvalho and Vice Chair Jeffrey S. Downs

The Board of Regents is committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect for all individuals within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE).  In our perspective, public derogatory remarks directed at an individual or a class of individuals is inconsistent with the core values of our NSHE institutions, as evidenced by the Regents’ Anti-Discrimination Resolution passed by the Board in September of 2022.

We want to take this opportunity to reassure all members of the NSHE community that the Board of Regents is dedicated to upholding the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect when participating in an NSHE public meeting or attending an NSHE campus, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, or any other individual characteristic.

The Board of Regents will continue to work diligently with the Chancellor’s office to ensure that NSHE’s campuses are safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. We encourage open dialogue and constructive engagement as we strive to uphold NSHE’s values of diversity and acceptance.

It is important for our NSHE community to know that we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating campus environments where all individuals feel valued and supported.

In reference to certain statements that were made during the Board of Regents’ most recent Quarterly Meeting, we offer our strong support to any individuals who felt excluded, offended, or disrespected by any comments made during the meeting.

Together we can promote a culture of inclusivity and respect within the Nevada System of Higher Education.