NSHE Board of Regents Renews Contract for DRI President Acharya

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents approved the renewal of Dr. Kumud Acharya’s four-year contract as President of DRI during the Board’s quarterly meeting.

Dr. Acharya’s first term as president of DRI has been marked by notable achievements and leadership, particularly in navigating challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and financial constraints. His strategic priorities focusing on optimizing performance, elevating awareness, and cultivating engagement have helped drive the institution forward.

“Dr. Acharya is dedicated and focused on the advancement of the mission of DRI and his performance has been exemplary in addressing the institution’s strategic goals. We look forward to his continued leadership and collaboration within the Nevada System of Higher Education.”

Chancellor Patricia Charlton

Chair of the NSHE Board of Regents Amy J. Carvalho, commended Dr. Acharya’s achievements.

“Under Dr. Acharya’s leadership, DRI has seen remarkable growth in research and philanthropic funding, expansion of research facilities, and increased collaboration within NSHE and with external partners. His strategic initiatives have significantly enhanced the institution’s reputation and impact, both locally and nationally.”

Chair of the Board of Regents Amy J. Carvalho

In response to the contract renewal, Dr. Kumud Acharya expressed gratitude for the continued support and reaffirmed his commitment to advancing DRI’s mission.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to continue serving as President of DRI. Together with our dedicated faculty, staff, and partners, I am confident we will build upon our achievements and further our contributions to scientific research, innovation, and community engagement.”

President Kumud Acharya

Dr. Acharya began his career at DRI in 2006 as an assistant research professor. Under Dr. Acharya’s tenure as president, DRI has experienced significant financial growth, with grants and contracts increasing from $31 million to over $47 million annually. Additionally, strategic initiatives implemented during his presidency have positioned DRI for long-term sustainability and success. The Nevada System of Higher Education congratulates Dr. Kumud Acharya on the renewal of his contract as President of the Desert Research Institute and looks forward to continued collaboration in advancing scientific research and environmental solutions.

About DRI

We are Nevada’s non-profit research institute, founded in 1959 to empower experts to focus on science that matters. We work with communities across the state — and the world — to address their most pressing scientific questions. We’re proud that our scientists continuously produce solutions that better human and environmental health.  

Scientists at DRI are encouraged to follow their research interests across the traditional boundaries of scientific fields, collaborating across DRI and with scientists worldwide. All faculty support their own research through grants, bringing in nearly $5 to the Nevada economy for every $1 of state funds received. With more than 600 scientists, engineers, students, and staff across our Reno and Las Vegas campuses, we conducted more than $47 million in sponsored research focused on improving peoples’ lives in 2023 alone. 

At DRI, science isn’t merely academic — it’s the key to future-proofing our communities and building a better world. For more information, please visit www.dri.edu.