Chancellor Announces Furlough Repayment for NSHE Employees


From Dale A.R. Erquiaga, Acting Chancellor

I am happy to share some good news with you regarding the results of the Nevada Legislature’s December Interim Finance Committee (IFC) meeting that will have an immediate and direct impact on employees who participated in furloughs during the December 2020-May 2021 time period. You will recall, COVID-19 impacted State budgets during the 2019-2021 biennium. The State of Nevada implemented a series of furlough days which reduced compensation for employees by 4.6% for the months of December 2020-May 2021 for NSHE employees. To alleviate some of this loss, Governor Sisolak communicated the following message on December 5, 2022, asking the IFC for furlough repayment:

Earlier this year, I made a promise to repay these funds. I know how hard you have worked to move our State forward in our darkest times and I’m forever grateful for your sacrifice and resilience. I’m proud to be able to keep my promise to you.

Governor Steve Sisolak

IFC has approved the Governor’s furlough repayment agenda item. I want to thank the many people within NSHE who provided critical information that helped make this happen.

As a result of IFC’s action, NSHE employees who were active on November 29, 2022, and contributed furlough while in NSHE employment during December 2020-May 2021 will receive a Furlough Repayment of the actual amounts withheld. The furlough repayment will be a separate check issued on December 23, 2022, with Medicare tax and Federal Income tax withheld. For those who receive payments on December 23, the payment is in the 2022 tax year and will be reflected on the 2022 W-2. The 2020-2021 furlough reduction did not impact retirement (or fringe amounts), so the repayment will not impact retirement (or include fringe).

Employees who were active with NSHE on November 29, 2022 and contributed furlough while employed by another state agency are being identified and will receive furlough repayment based on amounts provided to us by the state agency. The payment date for these employees will be determined by the timing of when the furlough data is received from the state. Classified hourly employees will be paid based on the records of scheduling adjustments due to furlough, and those payments will occur as soon as possible.

Employees who retired or terminated before November 29, 2022 or are contingent workers will not receive a furlough repayment. Schedules were reduced for temporary hourly and hourly letters of appointment (LOA), so these employees are not eligible for Furlough Repayment. (NOTE: The State Division of Human Resource Management compiled an FAQ document, but not all information is relevant for NSHE employees.)

If you do not receive a furlough repayment and believe you should have, please get in touch with your Human Resources office.

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I want to thank the Governor and Legislature for taking this step. Of course, I also want to thank all of you impacted by the furloughs. Your dedication to our students and the people of Nevada is greatly appreciated.

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