Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Free Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training Course for NSHE

Suicide is complex but often preventable. Check in with a colleague, friend or family member by learning the warning signs of suicide!

The warning signs for suicide withdrawal, depression and hopelessness are there, but not always obvious. It’s up to us to learn to recognize the warning signs and offer support to someone we care about. Register for a FREE LivingWorks Online Start Training Course for Suicide Awareness and Prevention!

To fund and support a mental health training course for suicide awareness and prevention, the NSHE System Administration office received a federal grant to offer a free virtual training opportunity for all faculty, students, and staff at all of the NSHE institutions.  The federally funded course will be accessible through LivingWorks Start online program. LivingWorks Start is a self-paced, online course that trains participants to recognize when someone may be thinking about suicide and how to connect them to help and support.

Register Today

To register for the course, please reference the login instructions and institution weblinks included below.

Thank you for your ongoing support for mental health. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Should you have any additional questions or inquiries pertaining to the training course, please contact the Mental Health Wellness Officer, Dr. Marinela Maskuti,