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NSHE has received an award of $749,700 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a period of three years to develop Cyber-Learning Activities to Scaffold STEM practices
NSHE will hold its second annual Southern Nevada Diversity Summit at UNLV
NSHE Board of Regents today appointed the first four members to the UNLV Campus Improvement Authority
The Health Sciences System (HSS) of NSHE is continuing its work to partner with health care stakeholders in the state of Nevada
The Nevada Board of Regents today unanimously elected Kevin J. Page as chairman and Rick Trachok as vice chairman
NSHE has been awarded $20 million over a period of five years for the Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus project.
Nevada Regent Dr. Jack Lund Schofield has been named the 2013 College of Science Alumni of the Year by the University of Utah.
The Nevada Board of Regents met Thursday and Friday and name recipients of several prestigious honors, including the 2013 Distinguished Nevadans.
The Nevada Board of Regents today re-elected Jason Geddes as chairman and Kevin Page as vice chairman