How Transfer and Articulation Works

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Transferring in credit helps students to progress toward graduation. All previously completed college-level courses are evaluated to determine how they will articulate upon transfer to the new school. Transfer credits can be articulated as the same or similar course to the one that was taken, as major or general electives, or as non-transferable. How a course articulates determines how it will apply to an academic program. An articulated course could fulfill general education, major, college, or elective requirements.

The Nevada System of Higher Education has a policy called Common Course Numbering. This means that any course taught at one institution which is also taught at another institution will have the same prefix, number, title, and credits, thereby making transfer significantly easier for students. Commonly numbered courses automatically transfer as the same course.

Additional provisions regarding transfer and articulation in Board of Regents policy include:

  • Institutions must post transfer agreements between associate’s degree programs and corresponding baccalaureate programs where the first two years result in the awarding of the associate’s degree

  • Transfer agreements must include a year-by-year outline of course requirements,

  • Following the published transfer agreements should result in no loss of credits upon transfer

  • The completion of the associate’s degree automatically fulfills the lower-division general education requirements at any NSHE institution. Students will enter as a junior in their bachelor’s program.

Transfer students should meet with advisors at both colleges to ensure they are taking appropriate courses. Students should log into the student portal and review their Academic Advising Report to confirm proper application of transfer credit.

Should you have further questions please reach out to Janet Stake, our Academic and Student Affairs Officer.


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