Transfer Credit Request for Review Process

Ensuring Student Satisfaction and Success

The Transfer Credit Request for Review was established so that students who were not satisfied with how their transfer credits were articulated by one of the NSHE institutions may have those transfer credits reviewed again. It is not an appeal process.

In order to initiate this process, a student has to have exhausted all possible appeals on their home campus. Once all possible appeals have been exhausted, students can then submit a petition to the Articulation Coordinating Committee to have a review of their transfer credit evaluation be conducted.

Submitting a Petition for Transfer Credit Review

When submitting the petition form, remember that meaningful, descriptive information/documentation is the best thing to utilize to make your case. Some examples of relevant documentation would include:

  • Transcripts from the college where the course(s) you are seeking to have reviewed were taken. For this process, unofficial transcripts will work fine; official transcripts are not necessary.

  • A course outline, syllabus, or catalog description for both the course you took and the course for which you are seeking credit.

  • Documentation of the campus responses during your appeal process. Remember, you have to have exhausted all appeals on your campus before this process can be initiated.

These relevant documents, along with a letter outlining the reason you are submitting the request for review and the NSHE Transfer Credit Request for Review form, can be submitted electronically to, or delivered by mail or in person to:

Articulation Coordinating Committee
Nevada System of Higher Education
4300 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89119