Corequisite Timeline – Image Description


The chart shows a graphical representation of a timeline for NSHE’s Corequisite Mathematics and English Reform.

2018 – 2019

Develop Policy

NSHE Board of Regents adopt the Corequisite and College-Ready Gateway Policy, eliminating traditional models of remediation and mandating corequisite support for all degree-seeking students. Full scale implementation required by Fall 2021.

2019 – 2021

Reform Curriculum

NSHE Corequisite Implementation Task Force convenes, developing new models of mathematics and English pathways, reforming traditional models of curriculum. Scaling of existing corequisite support courses, and new pilot programs developed.

Fall 2021

Implement Policy

All degree-seeking students are required to be enrolled into their gateway mathematics and English courses, with or without corequisite support, as needed. Adjunct faculty credentialing and training needs met, and full scale implementation occurs.

Beyond 2021

Assess and Improve

Systemwide assessment evaluates early success metrics of policy implementation including gateway course completion, subsequent course completion, and retention. When available, long-term success indicators evaluated.