Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Search

The Search is On

The Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education seeks nominations and applications for an equity-minded Chancellor to lead a growing, dynamic system of eight institutions and two system offices committed to serving the needs of the citizens of the State of Nevada.

NSHE Chancellor Search Brochure, 2023

We are excited to begin the search for a Chancellor in partnership with the Bryan Group, LLC, whose staff has 45 years of combined experience. Our approach differs from past efforts as we are focused on a successful recruitment strategy and positive outcomes, and we selected a firm with a high achievement rate. Their recent work with the Washoe County School District was well executed. We would also like to acknowledge the NSHE Advisory Committee who provides the higher education institutional knowledge that is an important component of our strategy for success. On behalf of myself and Chairman Byron Brooks, we look forward to a fair and competitive process resulting in top tier candidates.

Regent Joseph Arrascada

Chancellor Leadership Profile

More information, including how to apply, can be found in the Chancellor Leadership Profile.  

Chancellor Leadership Profile

How to Apply

All inquiries, requests for confidential discussions, and applications should be directed to The Bryan Group at Optimal consideration will be given to applications received by 5pm PT April 21st, 2023. 

Applications should be emailed to The Bryan Group at and should include:

  • Letter of interest/cover letter

  • Four reference letters – must be within the past six months

  • Four philosophy statements illustrating your knowledge and beliefs regarding each of the following – leadership, education, management, and DEI

  • CV or resume – please include language proficiency/fluency

  • Credentials with formal verification – degrees (including transcripts), licenses, and certifications

As a public body, NSHE is required to comply with Nevada’s Open Meeting Law. While the search process will comply with the Open Meeting Law, it is designed to maintain candidate confidentiality during the early stages of the search i.e. candidate names are not released until finalists are identified and notified. Final interviews and selection will occur at a public meeting, and biographical information and resumes of the final candidates will be made public and posted in the agenda for the public meeting where the interviews and selection process will occur. Specific questions about this process can be directed to The Bryan Group.

The Nevada System of Higher Education hires only United States citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the U.S. The NSHE is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, creed, national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

The Bryan Group

The Nevada based consulting firm The Bryan Group will be partnering with NSHE during our Chancellor Search process.

More information about The Bryan Group’s unique search process can be found in their downloadable handout:

The Bryan Group: NSHE Chancellor Search Graphic

Search Committee Members

Nevada System of Higher Education
Joseph C. Arrascada
Regent, District 10
(775) 420-7783
Nevada System of Higher Education
Amy J. Carvalho
Regent, District 12
(702) 971-1959
Nevada System of Higher Education
Jeffrey S. Downs
Regent, District 11
(775) 386-2663
Nevada System of Higher Education
Stephanie Goodman
Regent, District 13
(702) 860-6130
Nevada System of Higher Education
Laura E. Perkins
Regent, District 1
(702) 460-3112

Advisory Members

    • Dr. Federico Zaragoza, CSN President
    • Dr. Kumud Acharya, DRI President
    • Ms. Joyce M. Helens, GBC President
    • Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard, NSC President
    • Dr. Karin M. Hilgersom, TMCC President
    • Dr. Keith E. Whitfield, UNLV President
    • Mr. Brian Sandoval, UNR President
    • Dr. J. Kyle Dalpe, WNC Interim President
    • Ms. Tracy Sherman, CSN Faculty Senate Chair
    • Dr. Brittany Kruger, DRI Faculty Senate Chair
    • Mr. Kevin Seipp, GBC Faculty Senate Chair
    • Dr. Christine Beaudry, NSC Faculty Senate Chair
    • Mr. Ed Boog, NSHE Faculty Senate Chair
    • Dr. Amy Cavanaugh, TMCC Faculty Senate Chair
    • Dr. Rhonda Montgomery, UNLV Faculty Senate Chair
    • Dr. Eric Marchand, UNR Faculty Senate Chair
    • Mr. Jim Strange, WNC Faculty Senate Chair
    • Ms. Stacy Wallace, NSHE Classified Council President
    • Ms. Yvette Machado, CSN ASCSN President
    • Mr. Zachary Stamp, GBC SGA President       
    • Ms. Tessa Espinosa, NSC NSSA President               
    • Ms. Chanikan Buntha, TMCC SGA President
    • Mr. Kevin Leon-Martinez, UNLV CSUN President
    • Ms. Nicole Thomas, UNLV GPSA President
    • Ms. Dionne Stanfill, UNR ASUN President
    • Mr. Matthew Hawn, UNR GSA President
    • Ms. Suzanna Stankute, WNC ASWN President
    • Ms. Sherry Olson, NSHE Human Resources (Ex officio)
    • Mr. Itay Dadon, Community Member
    • Dr. Marc A. Johnson, Community Member
    • Ms. Caroline McIntosh, Community Member
    • Dr. Marta Meana, Community Member