Patrick J. Boylan

District 5 Map of District 5

Clark County

2021 - Present
(702) 501-1444


  • Business, Finance and Facilities Committee (Vice Chair)
  • Security Committee (Vice Chair)
  • Audit, Compliance and Title IX Committee
  • Workforce Committee


Regent Patrick J. Boylan was elected in November 2020 to serve on the Board of Regents as the representative for District 5.

Regent Boylan has lived with his wife and two sons and multiple rescued dogs in Las Vegas for 40 years. He has been an educator for a long time starting with training local business personnel in the 80s in the use of computer business applications. He was an adjunct Computer Instructor at CSN and Chair of the Department of Homeland Security (IN) for the first Homeland Security baccalaureate degree program in the country.

He received a baccalaureate in Management Information Systems (UNLV), a Master’s in Crisis and Emergency Management from the Institute for Security Studies (UNLV) and a Master’s in Educational Leadership (UNLV).

He founded and was the Director of the Center for Strategic Analysis (CSA), a non-profit educational organization, training first responders, law enforcement and military personnel on various Military Bases especially Nellis Air Force Base, and as an intelligence instructor on board a U.S. Naval Destroyer in the Middle East.

As an elected member of the Nevada State Board of Education, he worked to bring about greater safety for our children keeping in mind the various school/university tragic incidents that have plagued our nation and the world.

He was a volunteer dad in his sons’ schools here in Las Vegas, a Webelos den leader, a volunteer member on the Winchester Town Advisory Board, and the local Red Cross.