Policies & Procedures

Board of Regents Handbook

The Board of Regents Handbook is the governing document of the Nevada System of Higher Education that provides detailed information on bylaws and policies affecting students, faculty, staff and vendors.

Procedures & Guidelines Manual

When the board of Regents Handbook was reorganized in 2005, several sections were transferred to a new document known as the Procedures & Guidelines Manual. While the Handbook will now only contain bylaws, Code and NSHE policies, the Procedures and Guidelines Manual will contain System and institutional procedures, tuition & fees, as well as the documents previously known as the Chancellor’s Memoranda.

Policy Central

The Policy Central Database lists changes made to the Board of Regents’ Handbook from January 2004 to the present. This database is not a replacement for the Handbook or Procedures Manual, but enables the reader to see the modifications proposed and approved by the Board of Regents. –>