Audit, Compliance and Title IX Committee

Patrick R. Carter, Chair
Cathy McAdoo, Vice Chair
Joseph C. Arrascada
Mark W. Doubrava
Jason Geddes
Donald Sylvantee McMichael Sr.

Charges: The Audit, Compliance and Title IX Committee shall:

  • Review and evaluate internal audit reports, compliance reports and follow-up reports.
  • Recommend to the Board independent certified public accountants to audit the financial books and records of the NSHE and review and evaluate the reports of such independent certified public accountants.
  • Formulate and make recommendations to the Board regarding policies necessary for the enforcement of sound accounting/auditing practices and an effective compliance function.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on internal controls.
  • Make such recommendations, as it deems necessary, for the correction of deficiencies in management practices discovered by audit reports, or for the resolution of issues pertaining to non-compliance with policies, procedures or other requirements.
  • Provide centralized oversight of programs for compliance with policies, procedures and other requirements.
  • Monitor the performance of the internal audit and compliance functions.
  • Review the respective Internal Audit Charter and Compliance Charter on a periodic basis to ensure the functions are complying with professional standards and addressing emerging issues appropriately.
  • Examine information and indicators regarding Title IX compliance and make any policy recommendations to the Board.
  • Make recommendations to the Board regarding Title IX initiatives that foster awareness of and enhance commitment to a non-discriminatory campus environment.