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The Office of the NSHE General Counsel provides legal services to the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), its Board of Regents, and institutions of the System. The office consists of the Chief General Counsel, two Deputy General Counsels for System Administration, and two legal assistants. The Legal Affairs office also oversees NSHE Human Resources, Risk Management, and Retirement Plan Administration.

In addition to the System level legal office, each System institution has its own Office of General Counsel providing legal services to the institution. The institutional General Counsel reports to both the President and the Chief General Counsel. This structure allows for collaboration and consistency in the legal advice provided across all System institutions. Attorneys at the System office or the campuses do not advise or represent Board members, administrators, faculty, staff or students about personal legal matters.

The core work of the office of the NSHE General Counsel includes:

  • Advising and counseling Board members and System personnel regarding legal questions arising out of their activities on behalf of the System or its institutions;
  • Interpreting provisions of the NSHE Code and Board policies;
  • Coordinating and supervising legal services provided to the campuses;
  • Providing training and programs on legal issues to System employees in order to reduce litigation risks and liability;
  • Representing the System in litigation matters and administrative proceedings;
  • Supervises the NSHE Human Resources Office and NSHE’s Retirement Plan Alternative Program;
  • Managing the use of outside legal counsel;
  • Reviewing and routing all contracts requiring Chancellor or Board approval;
  • Serving as a resource for problem-solving and decision-making in furtherance of the mission of the System or its institutions;
  • Providing legal advice and leadership in all real estate planning and transactions by the System or its institutions.

The attorneys in the NSHE General Counsel’s Office can be contacted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.