Zachary Johnigan

Daniel Gutierrez is the ASCSN (Associated Students of the College of Southern Nevada) student body president for the 2019-20 academic year. Read More Zachary Johnigan

Zachary Johnigan PhotoZachary Johnigan

President, Associated Students of the College of Southern Nevada (ASCSN)
College of Southern Nevada


Zachary Johnigan is serving as 2021-22 Student Body President on The ASCSN (Associated Students of The College of Southern Nevada) at the College of Southern Nevada. He is pursuing a degree in Computer Information Technology.  His ability to push himself past his limitations has allowed him to move from being a Senator of ASCSN to being the President all in one semester.  Zachary seeks to become a pillar in his community by being a shining example of what dedication to improving oneself can do.  During his time as President, he says he hopes to “help my students achieve their dreams”.  His plans for achieving this include creating a new internship program for graduates.  All being said, Zachary hopes that by nurturing his natural ability to lead, he will become a strong leader that can be a walking, talking, living example for young Black American men in the future; letting them know, “You can do it too”.