Tessa Espinosa

Tessa EspinosaTessa Espinosa

President, Nevada State Student Alliance (NSSA)
Nevada State College

Email: tessa.espinosa@nsc.edu 

Tessa Espinosa is a leading figure who is elated and honored to serve her unparalleled student population at Nevada State as the NSSA President 2022-2023.Tessa Espinosa was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a first-generation college student and understands the struggles of first-generation students. She gives a voice to those who are the most underrepresented on our campus by giving those a space to be heard at the collegiate level. She promotes inclusivity with policies that help those individuals. She cultivates a culture of change and diversity by promoting initiatives on campus that aid the overall student population. Her goal is to ensure that students are aware of how impactful their voice is within the education setting. She strives to exemplify the Nevada State motto: Be Bold. Be Great. Be State.