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Nevada has a long history of using a funding formula to calculate budget requests that would provide adequate resources and equity to all NSHE institutions. In 1968, the Higher Education Advisory Committee and the Chancellor’s Office of the University of Nevada System (now NSHE) both suggested that the state should use an enrollment-driven formula for funding higher education.

Since that time, the formula has been modified several times as well as become more complex. Similarly, NSHE has grown and become more complex as Nevada has grown. Over the past 27 years, enrollments have grown from 47,150 headcount students to 105,428 in fall 2011.

The current formula remains primarily based on student credit hours which are translated into full-time positions.

The Nevada Legislature and NSHE are working together to revise the funding formula to better meet the needs of our students, the state, and to allow the institutions the freedom to use resources in the best way possible to meet their missions of teaching, research and service.

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