MGM COP Step by Step Application Guide

Step by Step Guide for Applying for the College Opportunity Program (COP)

The college application process is a lot easier with a helping hand. This guide is here to be the helping hand you need to find your way to a successful college application.

  1. Log onto your MYMGM and locate the search bar on the upper right corner.
    Screenshot of the My MGM website. The Search icon is highlighted with an arrow pointing to it.
  2. Type “pathways” and press enter, or click the search button to commence the search.
  3. Multiple search results will populate, follow the Pathways link.
    My MGM search results from the search term Pathways.The Pathways link is highlighted.
  4. Once you click on the keyword, you will be directed over to our informational page that shows all our educational programs offered to our employees. Click on “More information” by the educational program you would like to learn more about.
    The My MGM Pathways options. The College Opportunity Program is highlighted.
  5. All the Information to our College Opportunity Program is available on this page. Including enrollment dates.