ad hoc Chancellor Search Committee Members

Regent search committee members

Kevin J. Page (Chair)
Jason Geddes
Trevor Hayes
Sam Lieberman
Allison Stephens
Michael B. Wixom

Advisory members

  • Paul Bible (former Chair, UNR and TMCC Foundations)
  • Dr. Constance Brooks (Vice Chancellor for Government & Community Affairs, NSHE)
  • Desiree DeCosta (Chair of the Nevada Student Alliance)
  • Ken Evans (President, Urban Chamber of Commerce – Las Vegas)
  • Tom Gallagher (Trustee, UNLV Foundation)
  • Peter Guzman (President, Latin Chamber of Commerce)
  • Steve Hill (Executive Director, Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development)
  • Marc Johnson (President – UNR)
  • Matt McCarty (Member, Elko Chamber of Commerce & GBC IAC)
  • Kristin McMillan (President & CEO, LV Metro Chamber of Commerce)
  • Camille Naaktgboren (past CSN Faculty Senate Chair)
  • Alok Pandey (Chair of the Faculty Senate Chairs)
  • Ngai Pindell (Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, UNLV)
  • Vic Redding (Vice Chancellor for Finance, NSHE)
  • Mike Richards (President – CSN)