Chancellor Rose Issues Statement on Violence in U.S. Capitol

Statement by NSHE Chancellor Melody Rose on Violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021

“Last night the world witnessed the desecration of our nation’s hallowed political walls, devastating injury and loss of life, and a significant threat to our sacred electoral process.  Still, Americans woke up this morning to learn that our political institutions endure and the peaceful transfer of power will prevail.  The ideals of our republic — an enduring commitment to fair and democratic elections, the safe and predictable transition of power, and a free and informed press — continue, undeterred from these threats.

The violence we saw yesterday aimed to make a mockery of these ideals, and to suppress the truth, which arises only through the civil exchange of ideas. That effort failed on both counts.  As a public higher education system, we must continue to make space for the robust deliberation of facts and the conveyance of truth. Education, not violence, remains the pathway to real and lasting change and the continued pursuit of American ideals.”

– Chancellor Melody Rose, Ph.D.