NSHE Seeks Withdrawal of ICE Rule Changes for International Students

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Chancellor Thom Reilly has asked Nevada’s Federal Delegation to help rescind the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rule changes for international students.

In a letter to Nevada’s Congressional representatives, the Chancellor stated, “These changes could adversely affect over 2,000 international students attending NSHE’s institutions. Firstly, NSHE anticipates offering both in-person and on-line classes for the upcoming fall semester, which could cause ICE to revoke or not approve visas for our international students.”

The ICE rule change for international students was announced last week.

“Although our institutions are working to process the ramifications of these regulations for their specific institution, we do know broadly that international students contribute $41B to the US economy; US universities and research programs depend on revenue from international students to survive; US universities may be compelled to prematurely open in?person instruction causing a higher risk of virus transmission, and STEM companies thrive and depend on global talent widely (D.V., 2020),” the letter stated.

NSHE recognizes the valuable cultural and intellectual contributions the more than 2,000 international students make to Nevada’s eight public higher education institutions.


The Nevada System of Higher Education, comprised of two doctoral-granting universities, a state college, four comprehensive community colleges and one environmental research institute, serves the educational and job training needs of Nevada. NSHE provides educational opportunities to more than 100,000 students and is governed by the Board of Regents.