UNR, WNC Show Institutional Metrics to Attain Strategic Goals

CARSON CITY – The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents were presented with metrics from the University of Nevada, Reno and Western Nevada College relating to their performance in the areas of Access, Student Success, Closing the Achievement Gap, Workforce Education, and Research.

The metrics were presented by UNR President Mark Johnson and WNC President Vincent Solis.

“These metrics are very encouraging and show the commitment by our institutions to improve our higher education system,” Chancellor Thom Reilly said. “The metrics associated with these goals serve as a litmus test for measuring change in the system.”

Board of Regents Chair Jason Geddes said the metrics will increase transparency and show what is working and what isn’t in terms of higher education.

“These metrics show Nevadans the deep commitment our system has to graduating students,” Geddes said. “The metrics are more than just numbers, they show how we are improving our public higher education system so we can produce the highly skilled workforce needed to meet the demands of Nevada’s growing economy.”

NSHE’s strategic goals guide all eight NSHE institutions in supporting the state’s growing economy with an increasing demand for an educated workforce. By establishing a set of five strategic goals, along with a set of metrics and progress benchmarks, aimed at increasing access, improving student success, closing the achievement gap, addressing workforce needs and solution-focused research the Board of Regents are aiming to move the needle on Nevada’s higher education outcomes.