Board of Regents Launch National Search for UNLV’s Next President

LAS VEGAS – The Board of Regents officially launched a national search for UNLV’s next permanent president on Friday.

The Regents also waived an NSHE code that would have prevented the university’s acting president, Marta Meana, Ph. D., from applying. The waiver allows Meana to be considered as a candidate if she so chooses.

That decision was based on a visit with the UNLV community by Regent’s Chair Kevin J. Page, Vice- Chair Jason Geddes, and Chancellor Thom Reilly in November. At the time, UNLV faculty, staff, student and alumni groups along with other university stakeholders overwhelmingly agreed they wanted to see a national search for the next university president and wanted President Meana to be allowed to apply for the position.

“This is going to be a very open and transparent process,” Page said. “As in the past, we will seek input from all members of the UNLV community in order to find and hire the best candidate.”

Chair Page will next establish a search committee as defined in Title 2 of NSHE Code: Ch. 1 Section 1.5.4 (g).

A recruitment consultant firm will also be hired to proactively seek out qualified candidates to apply, Page said.


Chair Page plans on sending notices to constituencies to nominate their representatives to the search committee in April and appoint the committee in May. The first meeting of the committee will occur in September 2019 and it is anticipated that the president would begin in July 2020.

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