Regents Consider Predictable Pricing for Students

Las Vegas – The Nevada Board of Regents is considering two options for ensuring that students in public higher education are aware of the base registration fee amount for at least a four-year period, so they can appropriately budget for tuition expenses:

  1. A “Registration Fee Guarantee Program” modeled after the University of Arizona under which eligible students receive a guaranteed registration fee for four years at a university and the state college and for two years for lower-division courses at a community college and four years for upper-division courses at a community college.
  2. A “Predictable Pricing Program” under which future registration fees and non-resident tuition for undergraduate and graduate students are automatically established based on the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI) on a four-year cycle.

The Regents are planning to vote on the policy options presented at the next quarterly board meeting set to begin Feb. 28.

Nevada Student Alliance chair and UNLV CSUN President Christopher Roys applauded the move by the Regents.

“Nevada students face unique challenges when it comes to higher education. Many of us are the first generation of our families to go to college. We are often working at least one or two jobs while simultaneously putting food on the table for ourselves and our loved ones,” Roys said. “Students across Nevada face dynamic challenges that many other institutions around the country don’t have to deal with. Students juggling these responsibilities shouldn’t be burdened with unexpected hikes in the cost of education and it is incumbent upon the State of Nevada and NSHE to improve student access to higher education.”

Roys added, “I thank the Chancellor and the Board of Regents for not only looking into solutions to this issue, but I applaud them for hearing the voice of students and acting accordingly. This is what shared governance looks like.”

Regents Chair Kevin J. Page called the policy discussion an important step that will help the more than 100,000 students who attend NSHE’s eight public institutions appropriately budget for tuition.

“College affordability and price predictability are important factors in providing access to higher education.  The Board’s discussion on transparent and predictable pricing is critical to ensuring access for all in Nevada who wish to pursue a college degree or credential,” Page said.

About NSHE
The Nevada System of Higher Education, comprised of two doctoral-granting universities, a state college, four comprehensive community colleges and one environmental research institute, serves the educational and job training needs of Nevada. NSHE provides educational opportunities to more than 100,000 students and is governed by the Nevada Board of Regents.