Another Busy Month

October marks the beginning of another busy month for your Nevada System of Higher Education and our ongoing outreach efforts to the many communities we serve.

On Friday, October 2, we are hosting our fourth annual NSHE Diversity Summit. While the theme of this summit is improving access to higher education, we specifically dive into issues related to diversity, student success initiatives, workforce and economic development, and community engagement.

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Guillermina Nunez-Mchiri of The University of Texas at El Paso who will discuss various pathways for encouraging Latinas to participate in and to succeed in STEM fields. Workshops will include:

  • A Community Cultural Wealth Approach to College Success for Latina/o Students, NSC
  • Considering Diversity in Order to Foster a Good Organizational Climate, NSC
  • DRI’s Impact on STEM Education in Nevada and Beyond, DRI
  • Expanding the Dimensions of Diversity: Comprehensive Internationalization, CSN
  • Intersectionality: Revealing Layers of Oppression, CSN
  • Lost at Sea: Social Identity on College Campuses, NSC
  • Negotiating Access, Resilience, and Perseverance through Affinity Spaces and Communities of Practice, UTEP
  • Perceptions of a College Going Culture in Nevada, UNLV
  • The Impact of an Aging Population on the Higher Education System, NSC
  • The Value of Leadership Development for Undergraduate Women, UNLV

The summit is free of charge and open to the public.

October also marks Nevada College Application Month, an ongoing part of our campaign. High school seniors across the state will be provided special opportunities and given informational resources to help them successfully complete their college applications during the school day. Special focus will be placed on assisting students who would be first-generation and low-income students.

In 2014, 2,700 high school seniors from 15 high schools participated, with 3,200 college applications submitted. Our goal, quite simply, is to continue to create a college going culture in our state by giving every graduating senior the opportunity to complete at least one application, with support and guidance, by the end of the month.

Finally, we will reach out to support students and families this academic year through FAFSA Completion Season and College Decision Days. FAFSA Completion Season events will occur in January and February throughout the state and will offer students and their families navigational help while completing the FAFSA. College Decision Days will occur in April and May and are opportunities for schools and communities to celebrate the decisions students make once they determine where they will enroll. All of these initiatives, linked strategically together, seek to increase college enrollment and degree attainment for all Nevada students.